Crowns and Bridges in Port Orchard, WA

While composite fillings will cover just a portion of the tooth, porcelain crowns (also known as caps) are meant to encompass the entire visible portion of the tooth. By doing this, the crown acts as the new outer surface of the tooth. Crowns are typically used in cases where the teeth are damaged or decayed to an extent where fillings won’t be able to be used as a form of repair. Crowns can be used as protective shells around damaged teeth, with an ability to both enhance appearance and strengthen the tooth as well.

Meanwhile, dental bridges are appliances used to help fill in the gap created by a missing tooth or teeth. Gaps in your smile can be hazardous to your oral health, as it can result in the teeth shifting or changes in your bite that can be painful. Bridges can help solve this by using the surrounding teeth as anchors to hold a false tooth, called a pontic, in the space where the gap is.

The first steps of getting you a new porcelain crown involve taking impressions of and reshaping the tooth. Typically a portion of the tooth will need to be removed or shaved down for the crown to fit properly. Our dentists will take an impression of the tooth and send it off to our dental lab to create the permanent crown. A temporary crown will be set to protect your teeth in between visits.

Upon your return to our Port Orchard dental office, we will have received the permanent crown from the lab. Before cementing it in place, we will make sure the crown fits comfortably and matches the natural color of your teeth.

A minimum of two visits to Port Orchard Dental Care Center are typically required to successfully place a dental bridge. At the first appointment, Our dentists will file down the surrounding “anchor” teeth so that porcelain crowns can fit over them. After this, an impression will be taken to send to the lab for creation of the permanent bridge and crowns. You will be fitted with a temporary bridge to protect your teeth in-between visits.

Upon your return, we will remove the temporary bridge and place the final appliance received from the lab. We will adjust it for fit, but several visits may be needed to get the bite and fit just right.