Start from the Root Up


Even when patients pay close attention to their oral health, issues can still arise. Patients who have an infection inside of their tooth that reaches the dental pulp may experience a severe toothache that requires a special procedure to relieve. Our team can assist by performing a Port Orchard root canal, one of the most beneficial services for your smile.

Root canal therapy is often discussed as a dreaded dental procedure, but many patients are unaware of what is achieved with this surgery. Root canal therapy, also referred to as endodontic therapy, is performed by Dr. Barbara E. Karbassi to remove the mass of tissues inside of the tooth to eliminate the pain and discomfort. At this time, she also disinfects the area to remove bacteria and infection, then fills the canals with a material called gutta percha.

The tooth is then sealed off with composite resin bonding and sometimes further protected with the use of a dental crown. The entire process is done right in the dental office under proper sedation and anesthetics for optimum comfort. Patients will not feel pain during their treatment and will recover easily.

The alternative to root canal therapy is the extraction of a natural tooth. However, Dr. Barbara E. Karbassi doesn’t recommend permanently removing an adult tooth unless absolutely necessary. Root canal therapy can treat the problem while bringing the smile back to health and ensuring the natural tooth structure is still available for function and beauty. A dental crown is commonly fabricated and bonded over the tooth to further strengthen the tooth and protect it from unwanted damage.

Dr. Barbara E. Karbassi of Port Orchard Dental Care Center is creating excellence one smile at a time! When patients need assistance with an infection or problem associated with the dental pulp, they may require treatments such as root canal therapy. This is when our team of professionals can help. Patients in the area are welcome to contact the practice for an appointment by calling (360) 443-5274 or by personally visiting the office at 4601 Bethel Road, SE in Port Orchard, WA.