Importance of Routine Check-Ups


You check your calendar and realize that it’s almost time for your routine dental cleaning appointment. You haven’t scheduled it yet and you assume that your teeth are nice and healthy, so you decide to skip it for now and remind yourself to schedule it for another time. But then that time comes and you continue to delay it. This time will build up and, although you may not immediately notice, your teeth are being negatively affected by this delay. Below, your Port Orchard WA family dentist explains why you should keep up with your six-month visits and what happens when you don’t.

Even if you keep up with your daily dental routine of brushing and flossing in the morning and night, your teeth deserve an extensive and professional cleaning every six months! Not only are we cleaning in the hard-to-reach places with our extensive tools, but we are taking x-rays and examinations to ensure that your teeth are in a healthy state. We look for anything that may be out of the ordinary and look at more than just your teeth; we check your neck, your bite, the movement and placement of your lower jaw, all to ensure that you’re healthy in more ways than one.

During your cleaning, we’ll pay attention to the build-up of plaque and tartar that occurs in hard-to-reach places that you can’t fully clean at home with brushing and flossing. If you’re not consistently taking care of your teeth on a daily basis, all of the plaque and tartar can easily turn into gingivitis and perhaps even periodontitis. The plaque irritates your teeth, gums, and the soft tissue surrounding, breaking them down and causing the tooth structure to become loose and vulnerable.

Although it may sound extreme, without these regular check-ups, your teeth are more likely to fall out than someone who keeps up with their appointments. People who don’t keep up with their daily dental routines are at an even higher risk to dental loss. Patients who are in their 30s have experienced tooth loss because they failed to maintain their oral and dental health at home, on the go, and at the office.

The more you keep up with these appointments, the healthier your smile will be—simple as that! Schedule your routine cleaning with your Port Orchard WA family dentist today by calling us at (360) 443-5274.