Safe Tooth-Colored Fillings in Port Orchard, WA

In order to treat a cavity, Dr. Karbassi must first remove the decayed portion of the tooth, and then fill it with another substance. This process as a whole is called “placing a filling.” While there are multiple material options for filling a cavity, the most common one that we use in-office is called “composite resin.”

Composite fillings are also known as tooth colored fillings, because the can closely resemble the color and texture of a natural tooth. Composite provides great support for small to medium sized fillings, especially ones in the front of the mouth or in highly visible areas.

When can a composite filling be used for?

  • Decayed tooth (i.e. cavity)
  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Decreasing the gap between teeth

How it’s done

After your Port Orchard dentist numbs the area where the filling is to be placed, she will remove any decayed portions of the tooth. A substance will then be applied to the tooth to help create a stronger bond with the filling and will be cured with a special light. Once this is finished, the composite resin will be applied in thin layers to slowly form the complete filling. Once this has hardened, the filling with be smoothened and polished to match your bite comfortably.