Dr. Barbara Karbassi, your family dentist in Port Orchard, makes patient education a pillar of her practice and beliefs. At Port Orchard Dental Care Center, we believe that the more knowledge a patient has about procedures we are performing, at-home care, and developments in the oral health care field, that the more likely they will be to properly follow through on their care outside of our office walls.

For that very reason, we will be compiling these monthly blogs to help inform patients on relevant topics in dentistry. To suggest a topic or ask a question about one of the following, please click here or call (360) 519-5994 today! Click below to access our blogs, sorted by month:

September 2016:

All About Dental Implants

October 2016:

Importance of Routine Check-Ups

Start from the Root Up

November 2016:

Are Dental Implants For Me?

Root Canals Explored

December 2016:

Are Root Canals Safe For Children?