Are Root Canals Safe For Children?


Root canals are the the ultimate alternative when facing the threat of tooth loss for adults. For children, however, this procedure is done not as often as with adults.  When it comes to children and their wellbeing, adults tend to be extremely cautious and protective, as we all should be.  It is only natural that parents have misgivings on the safety of root canal procedures performed on their children.

The first sign of an infected tooth, as we all know, is tooth pain.  Parents shouldn’t brush aside children’s complaint about suffering toothaches and should immediately make an appointment with their family dentist for their children’s thorough oral checkup and assessment.

Is root canal treatment really necessary even on a temporary tooth? 

Saving a child’s teeth, however temporary, is just as important as saving fully developed teeth.  Temporary teeth hold the place of the permanent ones and are essential for the child’s speech development, chewing of food, and most importantly, help in the alignment of the development of permanent teeth to come.

Not every tooth infection is the same and therefore, root canal procedures are done on a case to case basis. Here are some of the considerations on the necessity of a possible root canal treatment:

Ø  What tooth is infected – location of the tooth, etc.

Ø  When the tooth will fall out— length of time until permanent tooth is expected to grow and replace it

Ø  The severity or the scope of damage on tooth

Ø  Whether the gums or bone around the infected tooth is also affected and to what extent it is affected

Is a root canal procedure and treatment safe?

Root canal treatments are perfectly safe for children.  There are a lot of researches that backed on the safeness on performing root canal treatments on young children.  These treatments, if done with state of the art dental equipment, along with your family dentists’ expertise on root canal techniques and procedures,  will be perfectly safe even with very young children.

There are a lot of opinions from some dentists on the negative effects of root canal procedures, especially in children; however, when all is said and done, parents are responsible for their children’s oral hygiene and care of their young teeth.  Thus, it is the parents’ call too, on what dental procedures should be done when rotting teeth and tooth infections beset their children.  Dentists are a source of information and will not recommend root canal procedures if they aren’t the best course of action.